Verasoft Partnerships.

Verasoft entertains partnerships at various levels, providing there is benefit that ultimately extends to our client base.

Partner has a multitude of meanings in today's business world, as it does for us. Verasoft is constantly building partnerships with companies that provide growth in existing verticals, help establish new verticals or markets, and even partnerships that provide value to our clients.

While Verasoft will entertain most partnership proposals, we are actively seeking the following types:

  • Acquisition or Partnership. If you have a business, service or technology that you would like Verasoft to acquire, either partially or fully, we are interested in learning more. For additional details, please click here.
  • Business Service or Technology Affiliation. If you provide a service or offer a technology that will bring value to KORVUE's offering and extend additional services and/or capabilities for our clients, Verasoft is interested in learning more. To provide us with detail of your offering, please click here.
  • Global Expansion. This type of partnership is of high interest to Verasoft and our multitude of verticals, include those served by KORVUE. If you are interested in partnering with Verasoft for international expansion, please click here.
  • Investment. Verasoft is a multinational privately held company and does not currently trade on any exchange. All Verasoft operations are debt-free and the company has funded growth organically from its inception, never seeking financing of any sort. If you are an investor, institution, fund, private equity firm, or venture capital firm, and you can contribute to Verasoft's growth, we will entertain serious investment proposals. To learn more, click here.