Best Practices Development

Structured Best Practices are vital for business.

You may have been privileged enough to work for what you considered to be a Best-in-Class Business. These businesses often focus on doing a single thing extremely well. They may, for example, produce more hot meals per hour than anyone else. Alternatively they may be able to handle more customer bookings with higher satisfaction than anyone in their industry. They have developed and honed a process to near perfection, resulting in a distinct competitive advantage.

Process development takes time, real-world experience and, often, superior technology to implement. Above all it takes investment and the commitment to follow it through.

Verasoft Global Services is here to help you with Best Practices Development. Using technologies like KORVUE we can help you model a key business process, optimize it, document it and put it into production. Our consultants have the technical knowhow and real industry experience to understand what works and what doesn't. We also know that a Best Practice should not be a "cookie cutter" approach, but needs to embrace your own culture and objectives.

Taking KORVUE as an example, Verasoft Global Services could include the following focus-points in your Best Practices Development:

  • Booking appointments to maximize productivity
  • Developing consistent upselling and cross selling sales processes
  • Rapidly enrolling customers in membership programs while retaining front desk efficiency

Just think about what processes you feel could help you maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction. We're here to help.