KEOP Warehouse

You have the warehouse, we have the solution.

Whether you supply clients or your own locations, the problems and frustrations are similar.

A powerful warehouse solution that peaks efficiency, minimizes overhead, and brings you to the front of technology with electronic ordering and automation. KEOP Warehouse is a flexible warehousing technology that forms itself around the needs of your operations and communicates with today's popular applications and technologies, including KORVUE.

Warehouses, no matter how well run, are typically very inefficient; there is room for improvement from virtually every angle. When you look at the needs of a warehouse, you are limited when relying on available manpower. A person can only be so efficient and error-free. That's why you need to add another dynamic to the mix.

KEOP Warehouse is a technology framework that is designed for your company. The system can be run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and even mobile operating systems like Chrome, Android, Windows RT and Apple’s iOS.

With KEOP's framework technology, there are no unnecessary steps or actions; everything is completely streamlined around your processes to create the ultimate in efficiency and accuracy. Several of the steps you do manually can now be automated, making best use of your staff and giving them the opportunity to perform.

KEOP Warehouse can introduce powerful electronic ordering that supports a virtually unlimited number of protocols, such as KEOP's native system, eos9, EDI, SAP, and others. Accept electronic orders directly from your clients' software systems, such as KORVUE, or even web portals in the event that they don’t have software or their software doesn't support popular electronic ordering standards.

KEOP's electronic ordering system communicates with software systems so that inventory item detail can be downloaded from your database, including SKUs, descriptions, pricing, promotional items, discontinued items, and more. So, whether your clients order from their KORVUE system, another software package, or from eCommerce, the orders are always accurate, greatly reducing human error on your side and incorrect order fulfillment.

Software systems that support KEOP and eos9 natively, such as KORVUE, can communicate with KEOP Warehouse at entirely different levels. These systems post electronic orders and get immediate confirmation and fulfillment verification. Order status can be obtained directly from their software (including carrier and tracking), so you can expect general order inquires to be reduced dramatically. Packing slips can be started electronically from the client system, because it knows what you shipped, making receiving faster and more accurate than ever.

KEOP Warehouse deploys unique features like PO Merging, allowing you to combine several POs from the same company to establish a truly unified and efficient picking list. This process also can dramatically save on manpower and shipping costs, and receiving time on the client-side.

KEOP Warehouse also integrates with most popular systems, and can transact with virtually anything with a capable API, including SourceAll, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, IBM, CA, and Sage applications to name a few.

Speak with a specialist today to learn how KEOP Warehouse can benefit you.