KORVUE Concierge

The electronic assistant to your front desk.

KORVUE Concierge is the incredibly innovative addition to your front desk that allows you to cater to your clients more efficiently and effectively. This touch-screen system can be run on a myriad of devices, from a tablet to a kiosk. It has a broad range of features, all designed to ensure your clients are better served. After all, this is the technology age and we’re all accustomed to instant gratification, which happens to be the opposite of waiting in line.

You do your best to serve your clients, but if you aren’t using KORVUE Concierge, you aren’t doing enough. It’s a simple philosophy, provide your clients what they want, not what you want. By adding this concierge system to your KORVUE environment, you are giving your clients a choice. The clients that are busy and wish to handle things on their own will use KORVUE Concierge, and the clients that want to be waited on will visit the front desk.

The key is to let them decide.

KORVUE Concierge is specifically designed with your branding and desired look and feel to provide a familiar and friendly system that your clients will adopt quickly. The system supports an extensive set of features that you can choose from, including:

  • Self check-in
  • Service add-ons
  • Product add-ons
  • Last chance service discount
  • Appointment booking
  • Gift Card ordering
  • Gift Card reloading
  • Gift Card balance check
  • Promotions
  • Product reminders
  • Product advertising
  • Product price check
  • Product photos and details
  • Product ordering
  • Loyalty program enrollment
  • Package status
  • SMS reminder opt-in/out
  • SMS marketing opt-in/out
  • Email reminder opt-in/out
  • Email marketing opt-in/out
  • Personal information update
  • Personal preference update
  • Personal photo update
  • Wish list update
  • Staff ratings and referrals
  • Service ratings and referrals
  • Product ratings and referrals
  • Surveys and Suggestions
  • Feedback and Comments
  • Refer a friend

As you can see there is a lot of functionality in this system, but that’s not all of it. Not by a long shot.

You know that once an unbooked timeslot has passed, you have permanently lost all revenue for that slot. KORVUE Concierge supports powerful logic that allows you to automatically recommend available service slots that coincide with the client’s appointment, at a discount if you wish. Let’s walk through a common scenario:

  1. Client checks in for their appointment at the KORVUE Concierge kiosk
  2. Instantly, the system recognizes that there is an opening for a massage following their appointment. The opening is an hour from now, so the odds of booking it are slim and you set the discount for this timeframe to be 35%.
  3. The screen informs the client that there’s a last-minute service special for a massage following their appointment and they can have it today at a discount.
  4. The client accepts the offer and KORVUE Concierge automatically updates the appointment, adding the massage at the end.
  5. Now the system displays the products that the client has previously purchased, that are due for repurchase, as well as products you are currently promoting.
  6. The client realizes that they do need to repurchase a couple of the products, so they select them. The products are now added to the appointment and the front desk is notified, so they can pre-bag them.
  7. The client elects to prepay the appointment, including the products and gratuity. The front desk is also alerted of this and after they bag the product, they will walk it over to the client during their service.
  8. Now that the check-in is complete, the system asks the client if they would like to book their next appointment.
  9. The client accepts and schedules the next appointment with just a few touches of the screen.
  10. A text message is sent to their phone with the details of their next appointment.
  11. Client is extremely happy and you just prevented lost service revenue, while increasing the service and product ticket, as well as pre-booking the next appointment. Exactly.

KORVUE Concierge has the tools to deliver virtually anything you dream up. The screens are tailored for the interaction you want with your clients, and the level of electronic service you wish to provide. The level of service and convenience is unrivaled.

KORVUE Concierge is the perfect way to keep your service levels high, your costs down, and your clients happy. Talk to a specialist today and take your client experience to the next level.