KORVUE Custom Mobile Apps

Truly elegant mobile apps for your clients

It’s the one thing your Clients always have with them. They simply don’t leave home without it. Their mobile phone—it’s with them at all times. So why wouldn’t you want to tag along?

Think about it. You are their Stylist, Therapist or Skin Care Specialist. Can YOU be with them 24 hours a day? Not in person, but that doesn’t stop you from being just a tap away. When they want your services, products and packages, there you are. You can be there, with them, with a Mobile App from KORVUE. Your KORVUE mobile app is an extension of you, your brand and your business in the palm of their hand.

Just think…your client can be out on the town waiting to see a movie or at home, winding down on the patio. Then it hits them. I need a massage, I am due to get my hair done or I WANT another Botox injection. You can give them the power to reach you instantly, at their convenience. They can book an appointment, purchase your products and packages, send a gift card to their loved ones, refer friends and more.

Why not have your home screen show your latest promotion? Have a link to your latest social media? With a KORVUE mobile app it’s possible. Want to really stretch the boundaries? Have your client send in a pic of THEIR style.

KORVUE technology is end-to-end. What happens on our mobile apps happens in real-time. Appointments are booked just as if your clients were standing at your reception desk. And security-wise? The app is a client-restricted window into KORVUE, the data stays in KORVUE and is not within the app itself.

  • Custom branded mobile app
  • Customized design and functions
  • Real-time booking and purchases - No syncing
  • Client can Pay their Bill after their service, without going to the desk
  • Client can Order Product or Reserve for In-Store Pick-up
  • Securely purchase Packages, Send Gift Cards
  • Electronic client forms and surveys
  • Current and custom tailored promotions
  • App makes sure your clients are following your custom business rules

KORVUE Mobile Apps are all about Customer Convenience and Marketing Flexibility. For example: If you are running a vast Resort Spa, Hotel Spa or a fast paced Salon, why make Clients trek back to the Reception Desk only to wait in line to pay you? Why would you do that when they can pay right from their Mobile App? Last impressions become first impression for a solid referral. You can make the difference without saying a word.

KORVUE Mobile Apps can put tremendous Marketing Power right in the palm of your Client’s hands. Say, if they book a service, KORVUE can analyze their characteristics and offer solid suggestions—in REAL-TIME. The end result? The Mobile App can construct and recommend a Package to the Client with additional services that have been PROVEN to sell, or simply offer a series to get further commitment. You just quadrupled your ticket without lifting a finger or depending on an otherwise busy Associate to upsell. You’re welcome.

Consider what mobile apps have done for other industries. Apps have made everything easier, including ordering pizza, buying shoes and getting a lift. Retail has been revolutionized first by the online experience and now by mobile access. Now it’s time for the Service Industry to step-up.

Service providers such as you face the unique challenge of needing precise interactive communication with your clients. Serving your Clients is also expensive, making retention and repeat visits critical to your success. If your client finds it easier to access your competitors products and services, you will soon find yourself at a disadvantage. Online and mobile communication through devices has now become the tie that binds.

This is your chance to make a bold statement. This is your chance to make the most solid connection you can with your Client. They will take you everywhere. YOUR brand will be their trusted companion. Always ready to offer them an open door to your products, services and wise counsel.

KORVUE mobile apps are customized to your brand with the features YOU want. We don’t do cookie cutter and neither should you. It’s time to step up and leave your competitors wondering how you do it. Your custom, branded, client connection awaits you.