The mobile front desk, need we say more?

In case you didn’t figure it out, KORVUE FD is short for KORVUE Front Desk. That’s important to understand, because this is a full-feature mobile application that is not limited to a single operating system. In fact, it runs on iPads as well as other tablets, such as those powered by Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Imagine freely roaming your business with an iPad that is geared to update client details, book appointments, modify appointments, add products to wish lists or to appointments for the day, and perform checkouts with real-time credit card processing and signature capture. Sound great? Well there’s so much more, but here is an overview of some key screens and features:

  • The Dashboard. KORVUE FD is based around an incredibly intuitive dashboard. This screen provides a quick view of upcoming appointments while letting you toggle between appointments in other statuses, such as Waiting or In-Service. You can even change an appointment’s status with one touch...it’s really that simple. Easily update appointment details, add products, handle tips, and much more, right from the dashboard.

    KORVUE FD’s dashboard gives you an overview of appointment performance, while allowing quick access to appointments, checkouts, client info, product and service details...and that’s just the start. The features that make KORVUE such a powerful business tool are delivered simply and elegantly to the palm of your hand. With real time stats, the ability to view and create calls, tasks and messages, the dashboard gives you all you need.

  • The Checkout. Checkouts can now be performed right from your tablet, even at an event that is nowhere near your store. With the proper attachments, KORVUE FD can scan barcodes, read credit cards, accept PIN, and securely process payments while effortlessly capturing your client’s signature with a stylus or the pad of their finger.

    Use the built-in barcode scanner to quickly and accurately add products to the checkout. Boost sales with automated product recommendation and interest lists. You can also sell and redeem gift cards on the fly.

    Receipt options are plentiful. Print wirelessly or save some trees by sending it via text message or email. Gift receipts are also supported, allowing you to generate a full receipt or one that only includes selected items. KORVUE FD gives you real capability, with the ultimate level of simplicity and mobility.

KORVUE FD is a must have tool for your business. Some of its popular features and functions are:

    • Interactive Charts
    • Quick Preview List
    • Text and Email Confirmations
    • View History
    • Modify Current Appointments
    • Add Products to Appointments
    • Schedule New Appointments
    • Easily Update Client Status
    • Add Packages, Products and Services
    • Sell and Redeem Gift Cards
    • Handle Tips
    • Swipe and Process Credit and Debit Cards
    • Gift Receipts
    • Text, Email and Print Receipts
    • Create and View Profile
    • Capture Photos
    • Create and View Notes
    • View History
    • Record Service Satisfaction Rating
    • Update Information and Preferences
    • New Task Alerts
    • New Message Alerts
    • RSS Feed
    • Create and View Tasks & Calls
    • Compose and View Messages
    • Create Shopping Carts for Later Purchase

KORVUE FD is a super powerful and easy to use mobile application designed to roam your store wirelessly (with you holding it, of course). To learn how you can benefit, please speak with a specialist today.