KORVUE Franchise

A new era of franchise technology.

Managing franchise operations while extending success-driven tools to franchisees is a difficult task. Whether your franchise is growing rapidly or you already have 50, 100, 500 or even over 1,000 locations, KORVUE Franchise Edition is the answer.


We know you need control. Control over data visibility, data access, data compilation; basically, all aspects of your data. KORVUE Franchise's robust data zoning architecture allows you to provide flexible access to users based on location, groups, regions, countries, and franchise-wide.


You can easily restrict a franchisee’s visibility to their location and nothing more. If a franchisee has a group of locations, visibility is easily expanded to all of their locations. The franchisee can access their data, but nothing more. Have regional franchise coordinators? Give them access to the locations they oversee. There's virtually no limit. That's KORVUE's data zoning.


KORVUE Franchise uses the SQL database of your choice, from PostgreSQL to MSSQL to Oracle. Worldwide database access is purely real-time and doesn’t rely on antiquated polling. This extends unprecedented capabilities.

Here’s some of the benefits of using KORVUE Franchise. To learn more about this and other multi-location editions of KORVUE, please click here.

  • Franchise Command Center
  • Extensive Franchise Controls
  • Franchisee Compliance Management
  • Robust Franchise Revenue, Fee, Marketing and Distribution Management
  • Rapid Franchisee Spin-up
  • Franchisor and Franchisee Access Models
  • Franchise Award System
  • Book clients with blinding speed while retaining an appointment book look and feel
    • Book with confidence and let KORVUE find the best combination of staff, rooms and equipment to get the job done
    • Integrate call centers and online booking that allow simple, yet advanced, searching to help you maximize your booking
    • Staff can work at multiple locations without creating duplicate employee columns
    • View staff availability across the locations they work at
    • Book appointments in multiple locations from a single screen
    • Watch scheduling mistakes become a thing of the past
  • Selectively assign Services, Products and Employees to locations
  • Automatically remind clients of their appointments through Email and 2-way SMS Text messaging, cutting down on No-Shows and Cancellations while minimizing valuable phone time
  • Vary the Pricing and Duration of Services by staff and/or location, allowing you to add new staff with less experience that might take longer to do a service. Designate different pricing for your senior staff and create grades such as Junior, Senior and Master. What's more, now you can automatically spend extra quality time with your VIP Clients while maintaining efficiency for your Walk-Ins
  • Perform advanced targeted marketing with the KORVUE Promotion Engine. Identify key client segments based on purchase history, visit patterns or interests. Have KORVUE send mass email campaigns or create large print jobs all personalized to the individual client
  • Create custom promotions based on rules and dates you define. Then have them run automatically. Create your holiday promotions months in advance and have confidence they will run on time
  • Super fast checkout process
    • Never keeping a client waiting
    • Built-in credit card processing
    • Operates cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners
    • Sell products from other locations and have them shipped or give the client an in-store pickup voucher
  • Keeps formulas, purchase histories, birthdays, significant others, and photos at your fingertips
  • Improve your client experience with Packages, Loyalty Points and Electronic or Physical Gift Cards
  • Create Membership Programs and have KORVUE automatically bill client credit cards
  • Create Electronic Forms for Consent, Consultations and Post Procedure documentation. And when you complete the form, have your client sign it electronically
  • Create professional Letters and Emails, personalized to each client
  • Saves you valuable time with Product Inventory Management, tons of Reports and powerful Payroll
  • Built in Security. Give the exact authority and access to the right people. You can rest with confidence
  • Built in QuickBooks interface will save you countless hours of time and dramatically reduce errors when tracking your financial performance

Below are the popular features of KORVUE Franchise. To view the expanded feature matrix, click here.

  • Centralized 100% SQL Data (no polling)
  • Command Center
  • Compliance Management
  • Revenue System
  • Unlimited Locations, Business Brands, and Verticals
  • Unlimited Currency and Tax Support
  • Multi-Store and Regional Gift Cards
  • Individual and Group Reporting
  • Executive Dashboards Available
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Credit Card Processing (included)
  • Scheduling and Centralized Booking
  • Client Management
  • Promotion and Marketing Management
  • Inventory Management and Transfers
  • Powerful Cross-Location Payroll and Commission Calculation
  • Advanced Security
  • QuickBooks Integration

Database Server. We recommend that the KORVUE database is run on a well equipped late edition Windows Server.

Terminal Server. If you are running the software interface version, we recommend one or more Terminal Servers. The quantity is based on the number of stations and volume of use.

Web Server. If you are running the HTML5 interface version, we recommend one or more Web Servers. The quantity is based on the number of stations and volume of use.

Windows Station. Fully supported.

Windows RT Station. Fully supported.

Mac Station. Fully supported.

Linux Station. Fully supported.

Mobile Operating Systems. Fully supported.

There’s a bunch of add-ons to KORVUE, below are some of our popular and you can see the rest if you click here.

  • KORVUE XL. This is the Online extension to KORVUE, giving you Online Booking, Online Store, and even Online Gift Cards and a Client Portal.
  • KORVUE HR. This is the Human Resources extension to KORVUE, giving you Online Job Applications, Online Portals for Applicants, Employees and Store Managers, and even an automated Hiring Process.
  • KEOP RT. Do advanced inventory counts with ease, from your tablet.
  • PrimeServ eBlast. This awesome white-listed email marketing and survey system makes it simple to create impressive emails and surveys.