Big or small, our Human Resources system puts you in the big leagues.

You’ve seen that larger companies offer online employment applications or career sites and probably felt that level of technology was out of your league. KORVUE HR brings Fortune 500 technology to companies of all shapes and sizes, at an affordable price.

The KORVUE Human Resources system is a full suite of tools that can be used separately or as an end-to-end solution. Unlike other HR systems, our tools extend from the applicant to the employee to management.

KORVUE HR’s advanced suite includes:

  • Careers Site. You can add a basic online application to your website or a complete careers site. Easily manage available positions and locations, collect the necessary application information electronically, allow applicants to attach or create electronic resumes, and even upload images of themselves and their work, if desired. Applications can include your terms and conditions and even capture electronic signatures, if needed. Applicants can revisit and login to check their application status, apply for new positions, and update personal information.

  • Applicant Portal. Manage applicants within a portal that is designed to keep you on top of your hiring process. Assign interviews, manage statuses, convert applicants to employees. Stay informed of missing information and more.

  • Structured Interviews. Our interviewing process is role-based and structured. If you use this feature you will be able to create interviews that are based on the type of job being applied for in a way that scores the applicant. Scoring is a critical component, making it easy to hire additional staff by searching the database for the highest scoring applicants. Structured interviews are also important to ensure that interviews are being conducted consistently, regardless of the person conducting them. Our interview system also supports multi-stage interviews.

  • Automated Hiring. When you hire an employee, KORVUE HR will automatically reach out to them so they can create their employee login. Any additional information, such as the personal information you cannot collect prior to hiring, can be provided online. Terms and conditions can be accepted and electronically signed, and important documents and employee handbook can be made available.

  • Employee Portal. Employees can access their portal online to update their information, review their performance metrics with charts and data, manage tasks and messages, and even view their schedule. You also can allow them to run select reports, such as sales and commission reports.

  • Manager Portal. Managers can set goals for their store and employees, and view metrics as the employees see them in their portal. Track store and employee performance and measure employees against each other. Advanced reporting, real time alerts, messaging and task management are also included.

KORVUE HR is a complete suite, but it is designed for you to easily pick and choose which items to use. It’s time to manage your talent. To learn more please speak with a specialist today.