KORVUE Provider

The path to increased upgrades and add-ons.

You run a busy business, practice, perhaps a Salon or Spa. Your front desk can only do so much with the time they have to work with your clients. So, how do you increase your service and product sales in a busy environment? The answer is easier than you think.

KORVUE Provider is designed specifically for the service provider. It extends important information and functionality to them, allowing them to make decisions and suggestions to their clients that are both effective and beneficial. This real-time access will prove powerful to your bottom line, plus it lightens the load at the front desk.

You can allow services to be upgraded and downgraded within a specific pre-selected set. New services can be added to the appointment and select services can even be squeezed into the same time slot, without affecting the schedule. Of course, all of this is security controlled, so you can pick and choose what you want to allow each service provider to access.

In what is close to a concierge interaction with the client, the service provider can suggest products based on past purchases, related services, promotions or even a simple hunch. If the client wishes to buy the products now, they can be added to the appointment, which notifies the front desk to bag the product in advance. If the client wants to decide later, the provider can create a cart that the client can access online and purchase from home.

Products and services that the client expresses interest in can be starred, so you know what they are interested in. This interacts with all users and even the client when they book online, plus it helps you with your target marketing.

These are just some of the features of KORVUE Provider, but they directly translate into these benefits:

  • average ticket sales increase
  • increased product sales
  • enhanced client satisfaction
  • a confident and informed staff
  • less front desk congestion
  • boost in profits

KORVUE Provider can be added to any KORVUE system. To learn more, speak with a specialist today.