Have you researched the online offerings of our competitors? We recommend you do, just so you can see how much more capable KORVUE XL is. This is the real deal, not just marketing fluff.

KORVUE Small Business

KORVUE Small Business Edition is perfect for the single location, small business environment, providing power and ease-of-use with a focus on providing you the tools you need to drive toward profitable growth. With KORVUE, you can start small and grow at your own pace.

KORVUE Professional

KORVUE Professional provides you the most feature-packed, marketing oriented and productivity enhancing software for a single location in the world. The features are designed to help you solve real world challenges and take advantage of opportunities that used to slip away.


Our POS is extremely easy to use and can be added to any KORVUE system, but it is also one of the world’s most powerful and scalable POS systems.

KORVUE Multi-Site

Running a multi-site business can be a thrill to say the least. Now you have challenges of consolidating inventory, managing staff across locations, and finding openings at different stores. You have considered these challenges long enough.

KORVUE Franchise

Managing franchise operations while extending success-driven tools to franchisees is a difficult task. Whether your franchise is growing rapidly or you already have 50, 100, 500 or even over 1,000 locations, KORVUE Franchise Edition is the answer.


KORVUE Enterprise

You run a large business with many locations, employees and customers. You not only need control, but enhanced productivity and insight. Every day you look to make gains in your competitive market.

KORVUE Emerging Business

KORVUE Emerging Business Edition can take you to this next level of business management. This edition provides you with the capacity for 10 Computers, 35 Users and 25 Scheduling Columns.

KORVUE Custom Cloud

If you've had times you would do something differently than your software allowed, or had to make important decisions without the right data, or simply wanted to maximize your customer experience, employee efficiency and profits, then you should take a serious look at th

KORVUE Cosmedic

Medical and hybrid medical businesses are facing lower reimbursements and more competition than ever. Enter KORVUE Cosmedic.

KEOP Warehouse

Whether you supply clients or your own locations, the problems and frustrations are similar.